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November 5, 2 to 4pm

Dior Quartet

North Tahoe Hebrew Congregation

Community Center



Quartettsatz in C Minor, Franz Schubert


Yessori (Sounds of the Past), Soo Yeon Lyuh


Three Ancient Airs, from the Coplas Sefardies,

Op.30, Alberto Hemsi

I.      Ballatta

II.     Canzone

III.    Rondo




String Quartet No. 3, Kevin Lau

I.      Gliding

II.     Winds of Change

String Quartet in F Major, Maurice Ravel

I.      Allegro Moderato – Très doux

II.     Assez Vif – Très rythmé

III.    Trés lent

IV.    Vif et agité


The Dior Quartet, composed of members from Israel, Korea-Canada, Saint Lucia, and the USA, serves as the Quartet-in-Residence at the prestigious Glenn Gould School, Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Their accomplishments include winning 2023 Elmaleh Guild Concert Artist Competition., the Silver prize at the 2021 Chesapeake Chamber Music Competition and the Bronze Medal at the 2019 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition. The Dior Quartet has actively participated in numerous renowned programs, including the Britten-Pears Young Artists Program, Banff String Quartet: Evolution in collaboration with Tippet Rise Art Center, McGill International String Quartet Academy in Montreal, and the St. Lawrence String Quartet Seminar. They have collaborated with esteemed artists like Orion Weiss, Victor Yampolsky, Rolston String Quartet, Axel Strauss, and Stéphane Lemelin in music festivals.

Driven by their multicultural backgrounds and strong moral values, the Dior Quartet’s repertoire and projects often delve into the exploration of the immigrant experience through the art of music.  The name of the quartet, “D’or”, is derived from the French word for gold, symbolizing its rarity, elegance, and malleability – attributes that resonate with the quartet’s music and message.  Gold also holds the memory of the earth and carries the stories of the people who shape and cherish it, reflecting the quartet’s profound dedication to their craft and its impact on others.

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