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Duo Violão Plus One

May 4, 2024


Fox Cultural Hall

8707 N Lake Blvd, Kings Beach, CA 

Access the Program here.

Rio de Janeiro based guitarists and classically trained musicians, Rogério Souza and Edinho Gerber, and percussionist Ami Molinelli combine the choro tradition, Brazil’s first original musical genre, with improvisation, original compositions, and a jazz vocabulary.


This group’s first album, “A História de Choro”, released in 2019, was featured as one of the best musical albums of the Bay Area by the San Jose Mercury News.

Duo Violão Plus One has headlined numerous music festivals in the US and elsewhere: Berkeley Choro Festival, Healdsburg Jazz Festival, Sound Room (OAKLAND), California Conservatory of Jazz, Blue Whale (L.A.), Muckenthaler Performing Arts Center (L.A.), and performed at university campuses across the US.  


In collaboration with Musica Sierra, this Duo Violão Plus One concert is co-sponsored by the North Tahoe Chamber and funded by the TOT-TBID Dollars At Work Program. The beauty of this collaboration? Every dollar spent by local businesses is reinvested by the TOT-TBID Dollars At Work program to ensure our community thrives, our environment remains pristine, and our economic health is fortified. To understand the full scope of these initiatives, visit

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